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Want to trade for a Hohner Ha-114 “D” accordion

I have 2 Hohner Ha-114’s—-a “C” with the black bellows and a “G” with the earlier(red) bellows. Looking to see if anyone has a “D” they would trade or swap the reeds.
I want a “D” Hohner so I’m open to other options that I may not be thinking of.

Thank you

Re: Want to trade for a Hohner Ha-114 “D” accordion

Don’t have a D but I do have alot of music equipment I’d trade for that G

Re: Want to trade for a Hohner Ha-114 “D” accordion

Hi Christian, let me know what you have and I’ll consider it.
Best regards

Re: Want to trade for a Hohner Ha-114 “D” accordion

Man it’s more like what you want. Lol. I’ll make a list below and we’ll go from there…

Crate full of vintage power and preamp tubes and a few adapter sets to plug el34s into 6v6 sockets

Road Case for a PA on casters has spring handles on the side lid detaches to hold board and front panel drops open with a tack mounted 75 band eq that is sweet. PA not included

Boss loop pedal board

Old Tascam that records on cassette Previously owned by the Red Stick Ramblers complete with some recorded practice sessions for one of their albums (if you buy new master quality cassettes you can slam your signal from a mixer and get killer recordings)

Bunch of odd and end cables

Behringer 4 channel mixer with phantom power. Brand new I only used it for field recordings.

Early prototype 1970s Peavey Classic 2X12 combo reverb and tremolo and master volume solid state preamp 6L6 power tubes reverb tank says built by beautiful women in Wisconsin no lie on that. Peavey built this amp to compete with the fender twin reverb

Custom built by Scott Ardoin of Eunice “doc guidry” fender twin reverb clone. It doesn’t have the 12’s it has 1 15” peavey black widow. Combo on casters.

Behringer 24 track studio grade mixer. Euro desk 9000 comes with the 300 power amp and the original manual. It belonged to my uncle he was the road engineer for LeRoux

A 1950s Columbia tube powered portable reel to reel recorder

Couple of Sure mics different models

cheap 3/4 size violin with case

Small solid state Marshall practice amp

2 1973 Fender 15” speakers with them big square magnets. I pulled em out my Fender 73 Bassman cab and put new reproduced ones in.

Vintage Hohner HA 114 with Custom L’anse Gris bassbox built by Bryan Lafleur makes it play like a champ. Key of C

I got some other awesome vintage tube amps but you’d have to pry them things out my dead hands and I’d still come back to haunt you.

That’s about all I can remember right now…

Re: Want to trade for a Hohner Ha-114 “D” accordion

Ok Christian, I won’t need the G in the near future so I guess we can try to do a deal on it. I want a Bb anyway so the money would be handy…. Send me an email with your phone number and what you want to spend.

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