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Steel Guitar

I’m back y’all and I know it’s not an accordion topic but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas suggestions etc on tunings. I’m already familiar with the G tuning and it’s various forms and I already can play in A6 C6 E9 and others. Just curious to see if anyone has input on maybe JB Fusiliers tuning or Dick Richard or even what others still living are using to check out what I might like. I’m going to post a few videos of some songs I been playing on accordion and fiddle since it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Hope all is well.

Re: Steel Guitar

I played pedal steel for a living for years. You cannot beat E9th 10-string 8X4 for getting things done...

Re: Steel Guitar

Yeah you right! I’m just trying to make it harder than it needs to be. The fender 8 string double neck I’m using now only has pedals. the original manual tells you to set up the first neck A6 and devotes **** near all the pedals to it. The back is supposed to be setup for E9. Strings finally came in so imma string her up and let it rip. Those are the tunings I play the most anyway. Love A6

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