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Re: got an e-mail

C J,

The bass player in my band, the Zydeco Mudbugs, lives out in the Ventura area. His name is Mark Metoyer. He has a side project band called Mardi Gras Express. It is a mix of Louisiana music, including Zydeco. Anyway, he was working with an accordion player who lives in the Santa Barbara area, but that didn't work out. I thought it might be something you would be interested in. I don't remember where you live, but I recall it was somewhere up the coast past Santa Barbara.

Let me know if you want more information.

- David

Re: got an e-mail

well David i am soooo very thankfull that you thought of me as a player to fill the position. however i'm not able to help, i live in nashville,tn. and thankyou soooo very much for your consideration sir. if you come up with anything in this area, please don't hesitate to call on me. again, thankyou, C.J.Cron

Re: got an e-mail

also i believe the Cron that you are speaking of very well may be one of my cousins. from what i remember as a child, i have an aunt that lives out there (west coast) that has several children,i think that you may have mistaken me for one of them.

Re: got an e-mail

Oh! I guess I did mis-identify you. Sorry about that.

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