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My new-to-me Globe accordion...

Pretty cool, huh? It will arrive at my house next week. Don't know the key or anything but it has newer bellows so we'll see... (I have tried every which way to post a photo but it just doesn't work. Unbelievably frustrating.)

Re: My new-to-me Globe accordion...

WOW, pretty cool indeed Tommy, i do wish that you could do a pic but issues are amuck again. maybe later. what a cool Christmas present, Merry Christmas.

Re: My new-to-me Globe accordion...


good ole German/Bohemian/Saxon accordeons

From which the Cajuns copied.

Re: My new-to-me Globe accordion...

No, they improved the accordions by going to butt joints. Butt joints make the accordion ring better and give the bass added depth...

Re: My new-to-me Globe accordion...

We'll let that be your little secret. : )

No ifs, ands or butts.

It miter might not matter.

It miter might not matter. (channeling Dwight - are you out there buddy?)

Oh, and while I'm at it...

Q) What is mind?
A) No matter.
Q) What is matter?
A) Never mind.

Happy New Year ever body!

Re: My new-to-me Globe accordion...

My new Globe has mitered corners. That's why it doesnt play.

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