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Thumb strap question

I’ve had my accordion for probably 6 years and I’ve made some progress with learning. Something I have wondered about is there a standard location for attaching the strap on the back of the treble board? And do you place the outside of the thumb or the flat bottom of the thumb up against the edge of the treble board? I go back and forth depending on what key button I want to reach. Maybe my mechanics are all wrong.
Thanks for any advise.

Re: Thumb strap question

Don - my thumbstrap is centered just above my #5 button and angled upwards a little. That's about where I've seen it on every accordion I've played. As far as if it's the outside edge or the flat bottom of the thumb that goes against the edge of the board, for most of the buttons, I have somewhere in between the edge and the bottom of my thumb against the edge of the treble board. But, that changes a little depending on where you are playing on the board. I actually had this same question when I started and Jude Moreau told me, "It doesn't matter, just don't put your thumb underneath the board"

Re: Thumb strap question

Thanks for the insight on the thumb strap questions Clint. It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one who wondered if I was on the right track.

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