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Re: Getting started on GCF accordion for Zydeco

Hi DM,

Here are some links that will get you started. The text versions of the links below are repeated in "Website" buttons. You can click on those so it's more convenient.




Good luck!


Re: Getting started on GCF accordion for Zydeco

Thanks a lot! That's a good start. I was wondering if you or someone else on the forum could help me figure out how to play this:


Not sure what song this is, but could anyone tell me what scales are being used or what key this is in. Not sure if he is playing on a F/Bb/Eb but if someone could help me figure it out and transpose it on the g/c/f(should be the same fingering) that would be amazing. Thanks!

Re: Getting started on GCF accordion for Zydeco

He's playing in the key of C on a F-Bb-Eb accordion.

He's hitting a whole lot of bluesy notes!

You are correct that transposing the song to your G-C-F accordion would use the same fingering.

Do you play a single row diatonic? If so, one of the ways to get started on a triple row is to play it as though it was single row and then start adding notes from the other rows.

Since the song is in C, much of the song is played on the outer row, which is F. This means that when he is on the outer row, it is the same as the "pull" or 2nd position, on a single row. If you played the C scale on the outer row, it is actually the C mixolydian mode as the 7th degree of the scale is flat - a half step lower than C major.

(In your case, it would be D mixolydian on the outer G row)

I haven't tried this, but it is probably possible to play much of the song staying on the outer row. Switching parts to the middle row gives almost all the same notes, but the fingering is easier for certain runs. You do pick up one very useful note on the middle row, which the flat 3rd of C (or D for you). I cannot understate the importance of finding and using that note - it is worth the price of admission to the triple row.

I don't know how much more I can help. If you haven't played a triple row or even a single row at all before, you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

Re: Getting started on GCF accordion for Zydeco

Thanks a lot! Great advice, I have played both single row and Irish two row but the technique on that is a bit different(but same note layout).

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