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Re: Nathan on KAJUN

Dreamer's Waltz is Ray Price's country western hit Crazy Arms. Nathan also does it on a La Louisianne lp as Valse de Reveur

Frog Leg Two Step sounds like a mazurka, maybe something from the Breaux Brothers' repertoire

Re: Nathan on KAJUN

Frog Leg Two Step is Hicks Wagon wheel Special

Re: Nathan on KAJUN

Thanks! AKA La Queue d'Tortue! Nathan Abshire. Hackberry Ramblers. Versatile tune!


Re: Nathan on KAJUN

Good catch! So it turns out, the LP on Flyright and the CD swapped these songs! No idea on why, but Frog Leg on the LP is Bury Me In The Corner (Segura Bros), Hicks Wagon Wheel (Aldus Roger).


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