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Email accordion lessons

Fellow Cajun Accordionists! I’ll be doing another 5 week session of email accordion lessons starting August 29th.

How it works: I send a video of one song per week with tablature (written notes/button numbers w push/pull notations) to match the video. You’ll need a Cajun accordion in the key of C.

I’m offering a discount for all registrations prior to August 17th. Song requests are welcome for all participants.

Send an email to jsriley2@hotmail.com for additional details!


Re: Email accordion lessons

Hi Steve

I am probably too late to the game? I'd be interested in these 5 week email lessons, please let me know when you start another round of lessons?



Re: Email accordion lessons

Hi Martin,

I don't know if Steve will see your post here. You might be better off hitting him at the email address he posted above:


It might be too late for that particular series of lessons, but he does them periodically, so another series will probably come along eventually.


Re: Email accordion lessons

Thanks for the heads up David, I will try the email.


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