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Selling an inherited Weltmeister Beechwood Deutsch Cajun Melodeon Diatonic Button Accordion in D key

I inherited this basically new Cajun Accordion from my ex who passed away recently. I'm trying to sell it because I have literally no interest in keeping it or learning it. I live in Oceanside, California. I had it on Ebay but not doing that because of their high seller fees. I know it is in "D" because I did learn how to find out and confirmed it. Its very pretty beechwood with the case and works perfectly as he took really good care of it. He hadn't had it very long and likely rarely ever took it out since he got really ill (not Covid). I do want to honor him and sell it to someone that will love it but I also know its value and won't accept a lowball price, thus the reason I am here to build a connection to people that love the music like he did and maybe through the connection, find an appropriate buyer. I currently have all the photos listed on offer up. On that app I'm Elaine and I'm sure I'm the only one selling one of these lol. Reach out there if you know anyone that might be interested.

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