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Hohner 114B black box accordion for sale w pickup

I bought this new after a phone conversation with Marc Savoy back in 1990 , along with one of his handmade microphones (Shure element on a piece of lucite with a 1/4" jack and 1990 written on it). It has some playing wear to the finish but basically in very nice shape, plays well and sounds good with no issues. Typical features, reduced tremelo compared to the stock 114, "sweetened" thirds, and black finish. I haven't played it in years; unfortunately due to a series of left hand surgeries and more probably on the way, the paddles for bass and air are just not manageable for me anymore. There are two small screw holes on the frame where the mic was mounted, but it's off right now and I no longer have the mounting screws. Hohner strap brackets (the small style) were added. I'm asking $650 OBO plus $30 shipping in the CONUS including the microphone; elsewhere contact for a quote. I can do paypal and invoice that way, I'll pay the fees, but contact me if you need to do this another way. If you reply to this message here at I should get notified. I can send pics to your email as I don't know how to post them here. Thanks for looking!

Re: Hohner 114B black box accordion for sale w pickup sold elsewhere.

Sold at another site. Thanks.

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