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Re: All Hell Broke Loose! But the Braves Remain Quiet?

What if I were to tell youz guyz that the idea or the concept of the entire Q Movement was taken from an even that took place right here on the bravenet Cajun Accordion Discussion Group??!!!

Re: All Hell Broke Loose! But the Braves Remain Quiet?

What would I say? I would say I don't believe it.

greezy mc gill

Greezy Mcgill
Did everyone take that covid vaccine or something? Seems like everyone might have died of unnatural causes "according" to the lack of attendance numbers and topics in this room.

Mello, what country are you in again? I need a foreign contact to check up on some of these worldwide conspiracies I hear tell about. You know, sort of compare our notes so I can git to the bottom of all this. You know me...once I lock on to something, I don't let it go until it is either figured out or it dies.
according to me you are a nut job

mello what country are you in again

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