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Re: Maybe not for purists

I'm a "purist" because I love the traditional style of Cajun Music,
but there's no reason for me not to like other ways of playing Cajun.
I love what you're doing with Ad and it's very powerfull music.
Lil Jim fron the UK did something in the past that was Zydeco/Cajun with some metal influence.
That was awesome too.
When I was in Louisiana in 2011 we stayed for a week at the Bayou Cabins in Breaux Bridge and one of the evenings some guys came to play and there was delicious food.
Those three guys(accordion, Drums amd guitar) played also a kind of hard rock CZ and that was fantastic too.
David already mentioned Wayne Toups, who also changed CZ into the so called Zydecajun :-)
Not a maybe for me , Jim

Re: Maybe not for purists

An instruments limit is only in the mind of the player.

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