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Software for looping videos to learn songs

Can anyone recommend some video software that will let you loop clips on the fly, slow them down, etc., like Transcribe will with audio? Not looking for one where I'd have to render innumerable output files while I was trying to learn a song. I saw something last night that was used by musicians for learning stuff like guitar, but I lost the link and can't find it this morning.

I don't learn well from DVDs because things go too fast, even slowed down.

And hello to everyone. Been many years since I've been on here.

Dwight (Zydeholic)

Re: Software for looping videos to learn songs

Hi Dwight , VLC video player is maybe an option.
It play almaos all video formats.
Slow down options too
There's a repeat button
You can the part you want to repeat set from A to B
And it's a free one.

Re: Software for looping videos to learn songs

I think most people use Amazing Slow Downer, it's not free, but it has the interface that's easiest to use.
Audacity is free, not quite so user friendly, in my opinion.

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