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Repair bass reeds on Larry Miller V

The 3 bass reeds on the upper chord button fell out of the reed block. I discovered this when I started playing it after a long while and had no bass sounds. I reset them in the wax with hand pressure to test the repair and discovered I put then in backwards and upside down, believe it or not. Compared them to my Bb and reinserted them correctly. The middle reed doesn’t sound. I also discovered that three reed valves also fell out. I recovered two. Went on YouTube for guidance. I’m thinking that the silent reed may be stuck or blocked.
I want to replace three of the reed valves. Ebay has them.
Questions. What size do I order#. Some of the high treble reeds have no reed valves. Why? Larry attached them with wax. I’m thinking I should do the same. Correct. How do I straighten out some of the then metal supports on top of the reed valves without breaking or ruining them.
I emailed Larry but he hasn’t answered. Is he ok?
Thanks for any suggestions you may have on a successful repair.

Re: Repair bass reeds on Larry Miller V

Larry Miller C. Not V. Typo

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