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Beginning Cajun Accordion.

Back in 2015, We were on vacation and stopped @ Martin Accordion's in Louisiana . Found an accordion I liked and my wife let me get it. I finally have time to learn Cajun accordion. Retired now. We live just northwest of Houston. What is the best way to learn? Book, dvd, over the net., or by a warm body? Does any one know of a teacher near Houston? Maybe a group that gathers once a month? Help! Steve B.

Re: Beginning Cajun Accordion.

You can find information on this forum if you search a bit.
There are instruction dvd's and for starters the three dvd's from Big Nick and the two DVD's from Dirk Powell are very helpfull.
You can also get lessons through the internet and I know that Steve Riley and Kaleb Leday doing that.
I think that there are teachers in the Houston area too.
Maybe jam sessions too ?
The bestway to learn from scatch is with a teacher.
Lots of succes :-)

Re: Beginning Cajun Accordion.

Steve Riley offers lessons. He's on fb. Think 5 songs, demos, tablature and videos.

Tell him I referred you. Victoria Megowan

May do more, requested some lessons but I get distracted easy with projects.

Sometimes as a beginner you can get overwhelmed. I'm also trying to listen to songs I love n play along with, by sound.

It's very tricky. Kbon is great every Sat morning n Tues n Thurs with Todd Ortego!

I'm thinking at some point going back to the videos of Steve Riley. Kinda hard to follow but as I get better may get easier.

I haven't given up yet, so ask good players as well what they do to learn. Need to put more time into ityself n trying to.

Go to jams too!

I got a fixer upper in La. a year ago I'm 71, hope to get better over the years! I still love my Savoy in C n my Martin in D.

Go to Savoy Ctr jams too if you come to LA! Wonderful jam. It's in Eunice!

Good luck

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