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Lafayette Rhythm Devils

What key do they use alot . Could not get my C or D to match?

Oftentimes k on songs seem to match. Do they play like in BB or E?

Noticed Randy's voice real high...perhaps some unusual key?

Enjoyed listening in today until sound went out on KVPI 1050 A.M..so got my tried m true KBON.

Thanks, perhaps some advanced players of the Cajun accordion might know?


Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

On the CD Les clefs de la prison they play "mostly" in the key of A or D and
I think they play on a D accordion.
There's also a waltz in which they use a C accordion.
If Randy(I love all he did for Cajun music) can sing one octave higher
than most people there's no problem with the instruments ;-)
Only others who want to sing as high as Randy have a problem I guess.
The pro's know more I hope :relaxed:

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

They play a lot in C# I think. I went to Festival Acadiens this year and that's the key that they were playing in.

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

I look at some live gigs and your right about C# and sometimes maybe in G#
I also listen again to the CD and that's More D and A
Also a waltz in G
Very special what they do at gigs, and Blake uses a special tuned accordion (maybe)
It makes me curious :-)

Re: Lafayette Rhythm Devils

Blake uses his C# accordion. I can't believe they actually make those!

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