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Re: Re: Re: Olive Wood Accordion

Hey Bill, send me your email address.


need help to learn to play accordion

I am 71 years old and tonedeft and i want to learn t
o play the accordion. But I need help. What I did was number the button top to buttom 1 to 10 and a v whjen pushing the bellow and a u when pulling the bellow. for the left hand buttom i use t for top and b for bottum. if someone plays 2 button at sametime i use a+ so anote would look like this v7t u8b etc. the i use2/4 4/4 6/4 8/4 for beats. try this song without left hand. 4/4 v8 u8 v7 u7 u6 u8 v7 u7 v6 u6 u7 v8 u8 v7 v6 u8 v8 u9 v8 u8 v7 v6 u7 u7 v6 . please send me some song writting this way .I am going to Chicago July 5, till Aug5 2007 and would like to have 10 or 15 song to learn on my trip. thank you very much . jerry

Re: Re: Olive Wood Accordion

The photos don't do the box justice. The lighting is too yellow.

Re: Olive Wood Accordion

Thats just about one of the pertiest accordions I've seen to come out of Larry's shop. Larry is not afraid to try some different woods in his work and it sure pays off. He showed me one made from Peach last year. Got the logs of an old Ruston Peach farm in north LA.
Talk about pretty.
Get back down and visit when you get a chance Marc.
Layne Z.

Re: Olive Wood Accordion

The accordion player for the Cadillacs here in SWLA
has an olive wood Bon Cajun in Bb also.

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