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Re: Re: Re: Traditional cajun music- good topic

We can only hope this music and culture stays alive.... I feel it will. I'm 25 years old and I live in Baltimore maryland, where there is practically no following for Cajun music, yet I'm doing anything I can to spread interest in it. I often go to accordion club meetings and play these older guys and some young people cajun accordion music. It was there my band was aired on fox 45. I've got my siser's friend's kid interesed in playing. I also spend a whole lot of time by the inner harbor and fells point playing caun music for hours to many drunken bar hoppers. You must make a point to explain what it is you are playing for those interesed.

This sounds like a small cry to a large crowd (being baltimore), but I take my accordion out when i can and spread the word. if enough people do that, Cajun music will stay alive.

Re: Traditional cajun music


The popularity of Cajun, Bluegrass, Big Band, Folk, etc. will ebb and flow with the times. They will be modified and adapted only to be re-discovered by purists. A few hard core performers may even scratch out a living at it.

The accordion is a relative new commer and we are very fortunate that some of the original performers were recorded in the 1920s and 30's.

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Re: Re: Traditional cajun music

My question is.... will there ever be a shortage of accordion makers in the future? Marc says no one will carry on his business, Larry says the same. Mouton's website is down (is Greg done making boxes?).


Re: Re: Re: Traditional cajun music

Well, we certainly have evidence on this board of two people who have started building more recently, and who haven't even hit full stride: Jude Moreau and Ed Poullard.

Jude has been at it for awhile, though not as long as Marc and Larry--and he is 20-some years younger than they are. Ed has started more recently, and has already made some beautiful instruments. So I think we can look forward to many productive years ahead from both of them!

The newer builders have been influenced and helped, of course, by Marc and especially Larry, from what I understand. So their legacy will continue in that way.

It is a good question though--are any younger people showing signs of picking up the craft?


You can disregard that link in my previous post :-(

Didn't mean to include that link in my previous post! You can ignore it, unless you enjoy reading about fake Cajun festivals with lots of hype!

It is to a so-called "Cajun" festival that, sad to say, somebody is putting on
the same weekend as Isleton. I'd started to write something in response to the discussion of what happened to Isleton, rumors that there was going to be a festival. I just got wind of this one, was going to alert people that it is NOT the same thing at all...then decided, why even both talking about it. But I guess the website link remained, when I went on to do another post!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Traditional cajun music

John Roger has an apprentice right now with a couple of more coming on board soon and though he has only recently start his apprenticship program. More may apply.

Re: Traditional cajun music

Hi . . . I live right in the heart of Acadian country here in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada, although I'm not of Acadian background myself, all my friends are, I play my music to Acadian people, etc.

I'd like to know how much interest you have in this area where your ancestors came from. Do you ever talk about this place? Do you have any Acadian music?
Or did the deportation happen so long ago, that it's not important?

I suppose I could go on and on with questions but maybe that's enough to get my point across.

I look forward to hearing from you, with thanks.

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