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Re: Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

steve riley plays it on...

Various Artists - American Roots Music [Box Set] : Tracks

i thought it was on one of their own cds
but i can;t find it..



The Best Recordings of The Touchet Family. The Touchet Brothers played house dances in South Louisiana during the 1940s. and since then various members of the family have been playing in this band as the decades rolled by. There are some wonderful songs on this CD including "The Life I Thought I Wanted" and one of the best renditions of the "Ossun Two-Step"


# Awesom Ossun Two-step - Michael Doucet & Beausoleil


Kevin Naquin & The Ossun Playboys "Pour La Premiere Fois"
CFMA - 2000 Album of the Year
CFMA - 2000 Song of the Year
1. Pour la premiere fois
2. Ossun Playboys Special
3. Les larmes cadjin
4. Mon Vieux Wagon
5. Broken Family Blues
6. Evangeline Special
7. She Didn't know I was Married
8. J'tais au bal
9. La Pointe au pain/Ossun two step


From Paradis (Rounder Records #6090)
Hommage Aux Récolteurs (A Tribute to Farmers)
La Jalouserie (Jealousy)
Le Suis Pas Un Prisonnier (I'm Not a Prisoner)
La Hache à Deux Taillants (The Double-Edge Ax)
Le Diable Est Lâché (The Devil is Loose)
Paradis (Paradise)
Ossun Two Step--Instrumental



Re: Re: Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

Part of the "Lawrence Walker Medley" on "Friday at last". One of my favorites!

Re: Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

The song is also on a Kevin Naquin cd, "Dans Le Coeur d'Ossun" I love it, but I haven't been able to pick up most of it

Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

There are lots of versions. Some of them are: Joe Falcon (Cajun Hot Sauce and Joe Falcon W/the Silver Bell Band; Beausoleil (Dit Beausoleil - great version!); Lawrence Walker (A Legend at Last and Floyd's Early Cajun Singles); Amade Ardoin (Amade Ardoin 1928-1938 and I'm Never Coming Back); Marc Savoy (Cajun Social Music) Jambalaya (Instrumental Collection); Kevin Naquin (Pour La Premiere Fois); T-Mamou (Cajun and Creole Jam); Bruce Daigrepont (Paradis); and Bone Tones (Cajun Dance Tonight)

I'm sure that there are more, but that list comes from Nancy Weston's book "Cajun Song Index." This is a great index, even if not particularly up-to-date. It can answer a lot of questions about who did what.

Jack Bond

Cajun Song Index

Jack makes a good point about Nancy Weston's Cajun Song Index, but be careful. She seems to index by song title. Sometimes the same title is used for songs that are unrelated to one another. The Osson Two Step that Joe Falcon and Amede Ardoin do are not the same song as the Ossun Two Step by Lawrence Walker. The one by Lawrence Walker is called Opelousas Two Step on the 45. You get the idea.

Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

Try npmusic.org. I think he has both Lawrence Walker and the Touchet Family.

Re: what recording? Ossun two step?

not a recording, but maybe the link is of some interest for you

Interesting link!

Thanks for the link! I checked and they only had 3 Cajun 78s but at least they were available in different formats!

Can't say I agree with the review about Falcon's Osson. Not one of his better ones, in my opinion. Much better are Fee Fee Poncheaux, My Old Used to Be, On My Way Home, The Pretty Girls Don't Want to See Me Anymore, Madame Sosthene, and a whole bunch more.

Re:Ossun Two Step

Good recent versions of Ossun Two Step are also on Ray Abshire's CD (track list pasted in below) and on the new recording by Al Berard and Jason Frey ("Old Style Cajun Music" available from Al at 337-344-2975 or basin@pipeline.com). These are two of the best Cajun music CDs in my collection.

Ray Abshire / For Old Times Sake
Track Title
1. French Two-Step
2. Grand Riceville
3. Washington Stomp
4. Rodney's Waltz
5. Dance Hall Special
6. Lacassine Special
7. Waltz Of No Return
8. Brunette Two-Step
9. Louisiana Rambler Waltz
10. Johnny Can't Dance
11. Chere Bebe Creole
12. Tee Mamou
13. My Old Wagon
14. Both For The Same
15. Step It Fast
16. Big Woods Waltz
17. Ossun Two-Step
18. Give Me My Hat

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