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High Point Two-Step

I don't find "High Point Two-Step" in either Ann Savoy's "Cajun Music: A Reflection..." or in Raymond Francois' "Ye Yaille, Chere!". Does anyone know if this song is in either of these books under a different title?

What I really want is a version of the Cajun words/text (with the corresponding English translation -- but I can create that myself, if necessary, with my handy-dandy French dictionary). If anyone has the Cajun words that they could email me at the address above I'd greatly appreciate it, or if fax is easier for you please email me and I'll give you my fax number by email reply.


p.s. I'll be out of town tomorrow (Sat.) and most of Sunday, but I will reply to any responses when I return Sunday evening. -thx, dm

Re: High Point Two-Step

Hi Dale--Well, you do have a resource close to home! I can give them to you next time I see you. Can't recall where I got them originally. I think perhaps from an Ann Savoy recording or liner notes. But I know I've been singing it for awhile now.)


Re: High Point Two-Step

I've also seen in named

"Tortope D'Osrun"

Thats how its spelled on the Amede Ardoin recording.

Re: Re: High Point Two-Step

Thank you, Blair and Mark, for your responses.

Mark, I don't find "Tortope D'Osrun" in either book, but will look into this further as it sounds interesting to persue/compare various versions.

Blair, thanks, I should have thought to ask you directly before posting. Tonight I discovered one verse of Cajun words/English translation of this song in the booklet supplied with Dirk Powell's DVD, vol. 1. I'll check with you for comparison to the version you sing.

Again, thank you, both!


Re: Re: Re: High Point Two-Step

would you consider posting the lyrics to High Point Two-Step? It would be appreciated.


Re: Re: Re: Re: High Point Two-Step - words

Here are the words and translation as printed in Dirk Powell's instructional DVD, vol. 1:

O, tout les soirs, bebe
Moi, je suis la apres garder, mais, ayou toi t'as etait

Mais, moi jamerais que tu t'en revien, petite monde
Ouais, une autre, une autre fois avant je mourir.

Oh, every night, baby
I'm just there searching for where you have gone

Well, me, I am hopeful that you will come to me, my little world
One more, just one more time before I die.


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