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Re: What's the best Iry Lejeune CD to get?

I bought Iry Lejeune's "Cajun Greatest" at Savoy Music Center.

I really love it. Especially "la valse de Duralde".


Re: Re: What's the best Iry Lejeune CD to get?

There are no clear recordings of Iry that I've ever heard, none that were recorded very well and I think some of them were even recorded at his house or someone else's house in Opelousas.

You still want to hear them. You still have to hear anything you can find of Iry's. If you want to know anything about Cajun music you have to start with Iry.

But after that, listen to Jo-el Sonnier doing the best imatition of Iry's style that anyone ever could do and that's on Jo-el's Cajun Roots album. He does mostly Iry's songs and it's the best Cajun Waltz album you're ever going to hear.

The other reason is that after you listen to that album you won't need to have anyone explain to you why Zydeco doesn't have anything to do with real Cajun music because it seems like a lot of people who aren't from Louisiana don't understand that at all.

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