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Isle de Pins/Meeting Blackie

I grew up about 7 miles WSW of Pine Island. Pine Island isn't really a town, just a region south of a real town (Elton) and west of Hathaway (basically a k-12 school and a four corner stop). But I never picked cotton...

Blackie was the first professional Cajun musician I ever heard. I was four years old at Lacassine Mardi Gras. I told him his music was too loud! ( I had never heard an amplified band before) He really made a big impression on me and I heard him play for years around Lacassine, Welsh, and Jennings. I think he was sheriff of Jeff Davis Parish for a while. He really had some good musicians in his bands, especially those early records.

Re: Isle de Pins/Meeting Blackie

Juste un nom, hein, et voilà tout un monde qui réapparaît. De la bonne musique, ouais !

Since I took out that old album again I have redicovered great forgotten songs (forgotten by me at least), like that beautiful Louisburg Waltz. I have kept listening to it since yesterday.

Chris, t'es retournée dans ta maison ? Elle est en bon état ?


ma maison

Ma maison est bon, mais mon ami, Dale, avait quatre arbres dans la sienne! Ma famille est a Austin, TX pour quelques jours. Il y a pas electricite dans Lac Charles ou Lacassine ou Port Arthur...plus sur mon site www.bayouroots.com

Re: Isle de Pins/Meeting Blackie

yup blackie was sheriff in jennings back in the 70's...i graduated with his daughter annette...he's a great musician!

Re: Re: A Cajun French version of Cotton Fields (lyrics)

Thanks for the lyrics Christian!

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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