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Re: p.s., a question about the Cajun King

I picked up a Bb Cajun King about a year ago. If I recall, and I'm not positive, they were the ones the Dad had made/overseen, and were going to be discontinued when the son took over. True or not, I got it for around 650. It is loud. My only serious complaint is how stiff the bellows were. Took a long, long time to break them in. Still prefer my Capitaine, but overall, it feels and plays pretty darn well.

Re: Marc Savoy & Donald Thibodeaux boxes on EBay

Well, I just won the Savoy D box... Anybody have any insights as to when it was built or who played it in LA? I'll give Marc a call once it arrives and arrange for the tune-up work. I'm psyched!!

Re: Re: Marc Savoy & Donald Thibodeaux boxes on EBay

Good for you man, I almost went for it.... I already have an Acadian in D. Once you know, let us know about the year & details.
Have fun!

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