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yes, thank you!

Thanks for the lyrics. I have tried to decipher them before (the waltz) and got stuck on some of the words. It looks like the lyrics are the same as the recording by Lynn August, which is one of my favorite recordings of it.

Thanks again,


Re: tante na na??

I'm from Scott LA, and I've heard this song all my life and never understood it or had it explained to me in a way that made sense either.

I don't read or speak French very well, but I understand quite a bit spoken.

Anyway, my Pop used to sing this song, and when I've asked him to explain what it was about he'd only told me it was a man begging for his aunt to come back to him (there were more words in the lyrics I remember, more of a chorus about him crying for his aunt).

Anyway, Pop never could explain to me what the relationshiop was with the aunt, and I used to (to joke with him, just to make fun) call it 'the incest song'.

I think if the full version, the way the people in the country used to sing it made it seem more like that, but I can't remember the details of the words to try to write it down.

Re: Re: tante na na??

There is an older and happy version on Neal’s site that goes like this :
(several times in a different order) :

Un temps mouillasseux
Et la pistache à tante Nana,
C’est ça qu’est si bon
Griller dans le bas du stove,
S’en aller chez nonc (???)
Pour voir la tante Nana
C’est ça qu’est si bon
Et la pistache à tante Nana.


Re: Re: Re: tante na na??

C'est Nonc 'Tave (for Octave). I love that song. It sure seems to have a phallic conotation in the Roy Fusilier version. I heard that the song originally was "la pistache a trois nanan" (a 3 nut peanut, apparently not common).

Bryan Lafleur

Re: Re: Re: Re: tante na na??

Ouais, c'est pas clair cette affaire !

Merci d'avoir complété (j'aime pas qu'il me manque des mots dans une chanson).


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