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Back in the Dead Zone

Well...me and the dogs have returned home. I made a trip home about a week ago to assess the damage, then returned to safety. Tomorrow, the mandatory evacuation will be lifted and resident will be allowed to return to Lake Charles and greater Calcasieu Parish.

My wife and son will be returning tomorrow. We suffered some roof damage and water damage on the inside, mostly the baby's room. I lost three 40 foot Crape Myrtles in the back yard, and a neighbor's pine tree took out my fence. Other than that, all is well.

Many thanks to those who contacted me after the storm.


Re: Back in the Dead Zone

Great to hear you and your house faired the storm
without too much damage.About the samr here,roof
and tree damage.s they say,,the GOOD LORD provides
If you need anything,,you have my e-mail addy,,just
drop me a note..Later Elzie

Re: Re: Back in the Dead Zone

Sounds like Lake Charles and points east are recovering quicker than western Calcasieu. At last report, people there may be depending on generators for power thru the end of the month. There's more pine trees laying in the roads than there are in the woods.

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