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Re: Cutting corners?


Re: Re: Cutting corners?

Sorry Dwight,

Actually, it was a lot better when you said it.


Re: Re: Re: Cutting corners?

Actually, I had forgotten all about it until you repeated it to me that time. Seems there was more to it, but who remembers.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Cutting corners?

There was more - I remember it well. It went like this:

"This mitre might not be cause for re-butt all."

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cutting corners?

with corn like that, I could run my car on ethanol.

Re: Martin Accordion

O.K. I've been reading this thread & find it entertaining & educational, so I'll add my 2 cents to the original question. "To push and pull takes just about all my effort" "Is this just because it's new?"
Yes. The accordion and bellows are new & probably require more effort.
"I don't play much at all, just learning"
If you are just learning & not playing much than this is also a reason that playing is difficult.

I started learning, for real, on a new accordion. I found the bellows to be stiff. The solution for me & the bellows is to PLAY MORE. I found myself getting tired after playing for 1/2 hour. I found that doing push ups helped me get in better shape to play this instrument. Playing the instrument helped get it into better shape to be played by me.

I had asked for suggestions, about 3 years ago, on caring for a brand new accordion. It was suggested that I not hang it up by it's B-ass. (I believe David Sousa told me that, thanks David!) I had never heard of doing that but readily agreed not to try it. Playing is the key. Play play & play. For me, anyway, that's what's it's all about & ends up answering most of my questions about how to do it. No need to be hanging it from a tree or obsessing about it's corners & such. (unless your into that sort of thing) Enjoy Daniel!

Re: Re: Martin Accordion

good call Tom, glad you didn't hang yer accordion like a criminal.

Good analogy..... Don't hang the accordion like a criminal.

Use the air regulator! tap it very gently with the meat of your palm, think of the air regulator was a baby's bottom. The trick is to figure out when to do it. EXPERIMENT.

Keep them bellows like NEW. LIKE NEW


Re: Re: Re: Martin Accordion

just think of it as Gravity Shoes for your accordion. Stop before the box gets glaucoma.

Some people might not be old enough to make sense of this.

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