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Yes, I think most Cajuns are either Democrat or Republican.

Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

I've lived in south Louisiana all my life and I don't think I've ever met a Cajun who voted republican.

I can't even think of a republican that held office in any town in Cajun country either, can you?

Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

I don't agree. My impression is that Cajun country is steadily turning more and more republican. At one time our state was totally Democratic, and now, as is the case with much of the South, it's turning Republican, I think, in keeping with the general polarizing of both parties along conservative and liberal ideologies. I myself am an independent, because I like a little of both parties, yet didn't want to be completely affiliated with either.

This is just my take on things. Really, one could do some research into the voting results of the whole Acadiana region to get the actual facts. That would tell the story.


Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

Maybe 20 years ago everybody down here was Democrat, but look at the last several elections. I don't think Kathleen Blanco(D) carried any parish in Acadiana even though she is from here. I know She didn't carry Lafayette her "home town". If it weren't for Orleans and Jefferson Parish she wouldn't be Governor. Also, President Bush carried Louisiana in the past two presidential elections. In the past US Senate election, Louisiana elected a Republican Senator for the first time, and Acadiana went overwhelmingly for him. I know in Lafayette, my state rep. and state senator are both Republican. Outside of New Orleans and the districts along the Miss. River, Louisiana has become a largely Republican State.

If you look at the demographics of Cajun country, you will find a whole lot of church going Catholics who are very Pro Life and tend to be morally conservative. I think its become harder and harder for them to vote Democrat because of this. Cajun country is still a relatively poor part of Country, but it is more in line with the Republican party on moral issues, which tend to be the vote getting issues right now.

Just my take on it.

Re: Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

I wonder how the next elections will go, given the appalling moral lapses of the national Republican leaders. Lies by the Bush administration leading to an unwarranted war in Iraq, Rove and Libby about to be indicted for treason, DeLay and associates under indictment, Frist caught for insider trading, Bush cronyism leading to disaster after Rita and a totally unqualified Supreme Court nominee.

I'm amazed that anyone, in Louisiana or Timbuktu, could continue to support these guys base on their advanced 'morality'.

Re: Re: Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

"I'm amazed that anyone, in Louisiana or Timbuktu, could continue to support these guys base on their advanced 'morality'."

...Yeah. They sure don't have the moral fiber of the Clinton administration.

Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough


Keep all that political sh*t off this board. This is one of the few places on the net where you can discuss something as specialized as Cajun music without running across partisan talking points.

It would be seriously lame to bring up Quebec seperatism on a Quebecois accordion message board. Let's stay focused -- this here ain't "the Nation" or "National Review".

Keep it Cajun,

Nick B.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough

Yeah, you're probably right. Besides, pointing out Republican immorality is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough

Nick has a good point. This is not the proper site for political discussions.
I did hesitate to post the question given the sensitivity, but didn't know any other site where I could raise it to the appropriate audience. The few replies above gave me a good feel for it. I do realize that the US electorate is getting more and more polarized and that this was a loaded question, hence all the various answers in such a short time.
Thanks to all, merci beaucoup!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough


Youv'e a good point, don't do it again, otherwise you'll give us Canadians a bad image .


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugh, Enough

clawd, ye always nail it!

i admire your knack for getting to the bottom of it.


thass a pretty good joke that ben made about rc.

haw haw

ben go back to sleep you don't need to provoke the neighborhood

but i sho nuff liked your joke about rc

Ben it used to be republicans were disreputable all over the southland, due to unpleasantries that shall go unnamed but not forgotten. I think louisiana evidences that there are still a few democrats down on the gulf coast that aren't yankee sympathizers, and never have been, if you catch my drift.


Where you been...?


Keep a weather eye to west, the pond is getting stirred up. Keep your head down-- the wind and the water are heading your direction.

Not much going on here, just preparing for the winter blizzards and such. Fishing has been good, I hope the spot I marked on the ice last winter is still there, it was good spot.

I keep playing Octa Clark over and over, hoping to sneak up on his good playing and make it mine.


I had the correct answer

I had the correct answer for the question as it was phrased. Most everybody else answered a different question: Are most Cajuns Democrat or are they Republican? That wasn't what you asked, though it seems that is what you meant.

Re: Re: Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

You would have us support Kerry, who believes abortion is ok? Never!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Yellow Dog Dyed In the Wool Democrats

I'm sure everybody, no matter what party they belong to, would be willing to make an exception to abortion in your case.

Re: Are most Cajuns Democrats or Republicans?

I am cajun, and I vote for the best person for the job, not demo or repub.

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