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1 Less Sidney Brown

I just got the sad news from my brother-in-law. His home on Lake Arthur was a total loss due to hurricane Rita. Along with most of his personal belongings, either destroyed or washed away, was an accordion made by Sidney Brown. My paw in law bought it for him on his 11th birthday for $250. It was nowhere to be found in the debris pile which was his home. How many boxes did Sidney make? How many are still out there?

Re: 1 Less Sidney Brown


It so sad to hear stories such as your brother-in-law's. I am sure we will hear even more like it the coming months. The only Sidney Brown box I have seen or heard is owned and played by Mr. Romero in St.Martinville. He and his brother used to sit in the gazebo in the Acadian National park near the Teche and play. The box had a real soulful sound... Old timey.


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