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Castiglione triple row

Does anyone have an opinion on Castiglione triple row accordions for zydeco?

Re: Castiglione triple row

They are heavy, a little awkward feeling ( overly large treble keyboard ), it has a very closed grille ( blocking sound ).. but otherwise sounds like many other famous brand Italian accordions.

If you get the right price.. worth going for ( only if a 3 or 4 reed box however ).

Good luck.. this is only my opinion mind you.. G.

Re: Re: Castiglione triple row

Great box. I have two, FBE and GCF both bought used. I believe they are Guerrini's that Castiglione has made for them. Both are three treble 5 bass reed. The only design flaw is the treble switches. They are prone to be hit accidently as they are kind of close to the inside row. Dikki Du and Nathan Williams jr. play or played them. Hope this helps.

Re: Castiglione triple row

If interested, I'm sitting on a Gabbanelli 3 reed in most excellent condtio that I may part with. It was recently tuned by the Gabbanelli's in Houston.

Re: Re: Castiglione triple row

I have a Castiglione 4 reed FBbEb.
I bought it for Zydeco.
I like the sound,
but it is too heavy for me.

I think the action may be a little lighter on the 3 reed model.

I'm going to sell it sooner or later,
let me know if interested.

Re: Castiglione triple row

There is a good close up video clip of Chubby Carrier playing some bluesy runs on his Gabb. I found it on the forums at the Reyes Accordions web site. I still haven't purchased a triple row, nor have I even held one. Soon, very soon though. I'm waiting to see if I can get a sweet deal on a new Panther. Two reeds per note, but I'm no pro. Check out the used accordions listed in the forums there as well. I like playing Cajun music on my La box, but I also want to crank it up with my blues brother (literally)on occasion.

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