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question about accordion keys

Hello,I have a question about accordion keys on some old albums-
On the Joe Falcon CD "Live at the Triangle club" recorded in 1963, the accordion seems to be in the key of B. Is this the result of the master tape playing back too slowly, with Joe playing a C accordion, or did he really play a B accordion? Same thing with the Carriere Bros CD recorded in the 1970s with Eraste Carriere on accordion,recorded by Chris Stratwich (misspelled,sorry).
Were these artists playing with B accordions? Both of the albums have fiddle players on them-Lionel Leleaux and Bebe Carriere respectively-were the fiddles tuned down that far, is is it a slow tape playback issue?
Any insight on this is much appreciated-
Thanks, August

Re: question about accordion keys

The key change has to be due to the tape speed. Lionel played in the key of C or G on a standard tuned fiddle. Mr. Carrier, on the other hand, had a Globe accordion in C#, which was called "Hi C" by some of the old timers.

Re: Re: question about accordion keys

Thanks for the information on that Cory. It sounds like you have personal knowledge of these great players, which is what I was looking for-

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