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Horace Trahan?

I especially love the older style music, but one young musician that I really like, mainly because he reproduces so well the sound I love, is Horace Trahan. He made one cajun cd, then a couple of zydeco, then took a religous sabbatical. Anyone know if he is planning on recording some more? I respect his decision but I would sure like to see more of his style of cajun music.

Bryan Lafleur

Re: Horace Trahan?

I saw and talked to Horace at the Liberty Theater in Eunice a month or so ago. He is playing again, played traditional Cajun music that night. I believe he mey be considering another recording project, if he can get details worked out.

Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

I heard a couple of those Liberty performances over the Internet and he sounded great! Hope that if he makes a record he will have Hubert Maitre on some vocals 'cause he's a favorite of mine. "Met les blocks, Adam!"

Also heard recent Jesse Lege at the Liberty with you, Jude, on bass, RC Vanicor on steel, and Ed Poullard on fiddle. Morris Newman on drums. Drew Simon on guitar. That was a good show! Lots of fun joking about how high he could sing on 99 Year Waltz! "The barbecue's done!"

Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

Has anyone seen the documentary they made on Horace check out louisianalacarte.org

Did one on Gino too. Both in French with English subtitles.

Am sure this has been posted already , but was unaware of it. Sorry for reposting.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

Thanks for posting this information. These films look very interesting and I had not heard about them before.

Wilson Savoy has also made a film about Horace Trahan -- see http://www.almenapictures.com/films.html for a preview (and for another film built around Steve Riley's new CD).

For anyone in the Washington DC area, Wilson's film "Horace Trahan: Hard Pressed but Never Crushed" will be shown at noon at the National Geographic Society on November 15, together with the documentary "Marc and Ann" by Les Blank.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

Hi Glenn,
I tried putting in louisianalacarte.org and got an invalid address. Could you give out that address again. Thanks Ron

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

L'addresse c'est www.louisianealacarte.org et faut tu pèses "Gumb-Oh! La! La!" dans le coin dratte en haute de la page et pis ça va commencer un "video" avec une femme après parler le français de la France, mais faut pas être découragé par elle, parce qu'équand elle est finie avec l'introduction le français cadien commence!

Mon, j'aimerais acheter toute la série, mais $250 pour tous les 13 est beaucoup de l'argent. C'est $20 juste pour un DVD ou "videotape."

The address is www.louisianealacarte.org and you have to click on the link in the top right-hand corner that says "Gumb-Oh! La! La!" and it'll start up a video with a woman speaking Parisian French, but don't be discouraged by her, because after she's finished introducing the program the Cajun French starts up!

I would really like to buy the whole series, but $250 for all 13 is a lot of money. It's $20 just for one DVD or videocassette.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

Merci beaucoup Roy.

Re: Re: Re: Horace Trahan?

I don't know if you caught on as to why they were joking about Jesse singing the 99 Year waltz. Jesse was playing on Danny Poullard's old Acadian "D" accordion that night. The accordion now belongs to Edward. that was the other joke that night. Jesse "bet" Barry Ancolet that accordion ( belonging to Ed ) that he could sing the 99 Year Waltz on the "D" . For those who don't know, there aren't very many male vocalist who can sing that song in the key of "D". Jesse did that night, with no problem

Liberty Recordings

Jude, thanks for the background information! If I remember correctly, Jesse also bet Drew his money that he could sing 99, and won the bet!

On another note, I have Jerry Devillier's blessings to post Liberty Theater performances on my Web site, provided that I get the artist's permission. Jerry Devillier is the engineer at the Liberty. Do you think Jesse would agree?

Could you e-mail me offline with your thoughts? Not sure I still have contact info for Jesse.

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