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Doug Kershaw

Does anyone know what's up with Doug these days?

Re: Doug Kershaw

Last time I heard he was living in the Greeley, Colorado area. I don't know if he is still there.

Re: Re: Doug Kershaw

havent seen doug since i was a teenager..his older brother edward was my uncle and a great accordion player..married my dad's sister....when my uncle ed died he didnt even come to the funeral..he just sent flowers...kinda lost all respect for doug at that point.

Re: Re: Re: Doug Kershaw

Last Year or so, he has been playing in Branson, MO in various places. Last summer he played in Branson at the theather next to Wal-Mart. I did get to see his show one time, he played an accordion on one number. But I can tell he was holding himself back, I heard one of the audience request one of his old songs, and he reply, got to stick with the program because of his band. I don't think none of his band members he had at that time were from Louisiana. But he can still played the hell out of his fiddle.

Re: Doug Kershaw

About ten years ago, Doug semi-retired and bought a beautiful home facing the lake in Lake Arthur where he grew up.

His nephew, Rodney, is a good friend of mine, and we helped him to get the house ready before moving in. He still has his home in Greely, CO and travels there frequently.

Doug is fast approaching 75, if he hasn't already gottent there. He still performs with as much energy as ever. I have not visited with in a few years.

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