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another cajun forum

I really enjoy visiting this website for the music related discussions. Just wanted to let anyone interested know that there is another forum listed above, where we discuss things cajun in general, such as food, music, culture, and language.

Merci beaucoup,
Bryan Lafleur

Re: another cajun forum

Merci Bryan.
I will take a look, and probably participate there as well.

Re: Re: another cajun forum

So will I, thank you Bryan.


Re: another cajun forum

You the same Bryan who's grandpa is Harry from Eunice?

Re: Re: another cajun forum

Not me, he is my 3rd cousin, but I have never met him. You from Mamou?

Bryan Lafleur

Re: Re: Re: another cajun forum


Re: Re: Re: Re: another cajun forum

I grew up just north of the spur, my dad has the surplus store in Mamou.

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