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Re: Re: Wrong Key, AKA the end of my career as a cajun singer

Most of the most fondly retold stories aren't told about the time everything went well.

Re: Re: Re: Wrong Key, AKA the end of my career as a cajun singer

I believe that same night, my rubboard was leaning against a wall and was knocked over, sliding along the wall and becoming wedged between a night light and the electrical outlet faceplate.

Sparks, lights out, people trying to figure out how to get it off without frying, and a lasting weld mark on my board in the shape of a screw head.

Now, that's show business.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Wrong Key, AKA the end of my career as a cajun singer

Oh my God, you just reminded me of what may have been the biggest gig of my life, when I was active in the alternative rock scene about 15 years ago. I've repressed it, I can't even remember the details that well. I was playing fiddle for a band called Drink Me, and we got a gig opening for some big major-label band from England called Beautiful South. This was at the Ritz, at the time one of the biggest rock clubs in New York City. Drink Me did a cover of a well-known folk song, I can't remember which one, something like "Oh My Darling Clementine." I started it in the wrong key in front of approximately 1,000 people. Life goes on!

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