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Slow waltzes and Aires

This may song a bit off topic to some of you hard driving two steppers but I was wondering if anyone does slow Waltzes and Aires on the button box.

Even the Irish accordion players I have heard played Jigs and Reels rather than O'Carolan tunes.

I am sure the Cajun culture has many lovely ballads, perhaps better suited to the fiddle or even the piano accordion, but does anyone know of a button accordion recording.

So many tunes so little time.

Re: Slow waltzes and Aires

Madam or Sir,

I do play "slow and fast" Waltzes , that is I slow them or fasten the tempo to my own liking and dexterity and Airs on 1 row Cajun accordions, that is LA built,old German 1 rows, 4 stops boxes, and a Castagnari Max 1 row, 4 stops.
Irish airs as you may know were first played in Ireland on the accordion in particular,using Hohner 1 row , 4 stops.
These diminutive 4 reeders,gave the distintive , and plaintive "tones" associated with the mornfull "messages" of Airs, as the sound emmited was the closest to Ullhean(spelling?) pipes , used first to play Irish airs.
Then 2 rows were used ( mainly Paolo Sopranis, with several tones switchers to give you the above mentionned, all "emotionnal" musical tones" particular to the music .
You can play "any" types of Music on LA made boxes but they should be retuned to "play" Irish Airs , as the Cajun "tuning" although "Dry" is innapropriate for that type of music and vice-versa.


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