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Slow down, you move to fast

Check out this cd slowdown hardware box.

Re: Slow down, you move to fast

This is actually a good little box. I use it for the vocals but I can't always make out the creole because I don't practice it enough. (I'm gonna get more practice. ) I also use it to pick up the accordion licks. It works great. I especially like the way it changes the key of a song. Since my cheep chinese 'C' accordion is on the blink, I have to use my Bb accordion for everything. Now, the price is right. I bought the Tascam box from Guitar Center in Atlanta for about $145 or $150 or something about a year ago. $79 is a good deal to me.

Re: Re: Slow down, you move to fast

if you just want to change key and not speed,
some guitar and studio effect boxes will do

i use the boss dr-50 multieffect that
i use on stage for key changing.

it also does, chorus, phaser,
reverb, distortion, fake 'wet tuning',
hammond organ effects, 'doubling',
fake lower octave for cheap chinese
3 rows..

you would think that if it changed key,
you could also feed your c accordion in there
and have it come out in a-flat or d,
but you would be wrong!

it does do that, but the key changed sound
is not very good, plus the acoustic
sound of the accordion will still be in c.


Re: Re: Re: Slow down, you move to fast

I use the Winamp player on my PC (link above), along with the plug in "Slow Me Down". There is also a plugin called "Take It Easy" with the same functionality.It does the same job as Amazing Slowdowner, but it's freeware.


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