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My borrowed accordeon

Well, my cousin pulled through and showed up with a tiny old suitcase. Inside was a Regal (why did I think Martin?) black D box. The box is made in Germany and has the Ariette reed stop positions (down=on). It's a wonderful box, bellows are good, it's cajun tuned (some reeds better than other), and playing is fine. It comes with "You Can Play Accordion" book by Mike Miller which has tabs for a few cajun tunes. Of course, I played around and taught myself The Back Door, Chere Alice, and the Mardi Gras Dance, and now I can play a mean Mary Had A Little Lamb . I've listened to cajun music all my life and every note played is engraved in my brain so it shouldn't be hard to catch on.

Hopefully he might borrow his son's C box so I can trade that out and play along with all the videos and tapes and jam sessions.

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