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Re: Falcon Accordions, more than 4 reeds

I can't speak for the 5 stop version but the 6 stop
is two different keys, C and D for example. Only 3 sets of reeds per key, 3 up and 3 down for C, reversed for D.

Re: Re: Falcon Accordions, more than 4 reeds

Impressive! So you could buy 2 Falcon boxes to do the work of 4 accordions. 1 could be Bb and C, and the other could be D and F, or whatever key combinations make sense. So three reeds per key, lo, medium, and high? I wonder how that effects the ability to cajun tune it (1 reed 10 cents off).

Re: Re: Re: Falcon Accordions, more than 4 reeds

You could but then again you'd also be spending 3000 bucks per accordion and they wouldnt be nearly as loud as a four stop model. They are ok I guess if you only plan on using them for gigs but you can kinda notice they're not as powerful during jam sessions.

Re: Falcon Accordions, more than 4 reeds

My Falcon F Accordion has an extra bank of reeds to boost the volume because this key is so high. Notice how much longer the flappers are.

Re: Falcon Accordions, more than 4 reeds

The 5 stops are something that was done to add an extra row for what ever reason you want. It can be a dry tuned 4 stop or a wet tuned 5 stop. As far as volume on a 3 stop, I have a C-D that is 12 years old, that is as loud as any 4 stop that it has ever been in company with, and didn't require as much air as some.

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