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What model Hohner is this?

I have just aquired a Hohner 10 button box. It seems identical to pictures of the HA114 that I have seen but it only has 3 stops. I bought it as a learner accordion. Is it suitable? Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: What model Hohner is this?

I can't tell you what model it is, but, yes you can learn to play with it. You can always upgrade later.
Good luck to you.

Re: What model Hohner is this?


and still one of my favorites

the 3 reeders had some serious punch

bought mine in D (early model silver ends)
mint for $275...

loud bright and fast

Better than a learner..a few Canadian pros still play Hohner 3 reed models

Re: Re: What model Hohner is this?

Jeff H

Thank you. Yes mine has silver ends. I wouldnt call it mint as it has been well played, but it is all there and everything works. It is in C.

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