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Balfa Camp: Value trade-off between cabin or dormitory?

Here's a question for the ones who have participated in the Balfa Camp.
What's the condition of the dormitory and the cabins? Is there a big difference in the quality of accomodations as it related to the difference in cost? What's the trade off? What do you recommend?
How many people are there in the dormitory? How many people per cabin?
Thanks. Maz

Re: Balfa Camp: Value trade-off between cabin or dormitory?

A cabin has a kitchen/living room, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms: one with a double bed, and the other with 2 bunks. Sheets are supplied.

I haven't stayed in the dormitory, but if I remember well, you have to bring in your own linen. I guess there are at least 10 bunks in there... (Henry? Nick?...)If your sleep is precious, you might consider the cabins.


Re: Re: Balfa Camp: Value trade-off between cabin or dormitory?

The dorms have 10-12 bunk beds. Each person usually gets both bunks, one for your stuff and one for sleeping. In the guys "dorm" several people were shoring last year. Ear plugs may be required!

The Cabins are on the edge of the lake. If it's a good year for mosquitos, you may not want to stay in a cabin without some good protection.

If you don't like wildlife, it's best to stay in town.
Last year we had the good fortune to personally meet and greet a couple of the biggest spiders I've ever seen outside of the zoo and a frog and a newt in the bathroom.

I enjoyed the interest and excitement of waking up to see what had creeped into the bathroom each day, but I know everyone does not feel the same way... :)


Re: Re: Re: Balfa Camp: Value trade-off between cabin or dormitory?

Depends what you like, I guess. My take on it is, I don't go to Louisiana to sleep. The accommodations are really only for taking a three-hour "nap" between the late-night jam and breakfast. So why spend the extra money on a cabin? The dorm is pretty rustic, but it makes for an intimate experience that is truly reminiscent of summer camp.


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