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You know, because of the negative impact of what happened to Neal's site, I've also been forced to explore new resources when studying a song.

WalMart Music downloads gives you 30 second sound clips that you can download. Type in the name of a song and you get from a few, to many renditions, depending on what's in their library.

So, its searchable, clips are downloadable, you can download the whole song for 88 cents, or buy the CD for what I assume is a discounted rate.

So, making lemonade out of lemons.

Re: lemonade out of lemons

Or could it be more like making fertilizer out of...... ???


Re: Re: lemonade out of lemons

Well, do lemons feel good oozing up through your toes?

We do appreciate your (com)post though.

How you doing down there, by the way?

Re: Re: Re: lemonade out of lemons

Trying to get back to normal. We'll get there one day.
Thanks for asking.

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