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Lyrics and melodies to some common Cajun songs on-line

For those of you that are new, I thought I would re-share one on-line resource with Lyric versions and Melodies of many common Cajun songs. All the way from France!


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Re: Lyrics and melodies to some common Cajun songs on-line

(Y a un tas des chansons ici! Ce sont les paroles des chansons sur les CDs de Bruce Daigrepont.)
[There are a lot of songs here. These are the lyrics to the songs on Bruce Daigrepont's CDs.]

(Y a des mots icitte, mais j'ai l'impression que quelques mots ont été changés pour être compréhensible aux Français.)
[There are some lyrics here, but it seems to me that some words have been changed in order to be understandable by the French.]

(Y a quelques chansons icitte dans la colonne à droite en-dessous "Cajun Louisiana Songs.")
[There are some songs here in the right-hand colomn under "Cajun Louisiana Songs."]

(Y a des chansons icitte avec des traductions en anglais.)
[There are some songs here with English translations.]

(Y a aussitte un groupe de femmes qui s'appelle Les Femmes D'Enfer et elles ont les mots cadiens sus ces deux pages.)
[There's also a group of women called Les Femmes D'Enfer and they have Cajun lyrics on these two pages.]

Quelques livres à acheter avec les paroles des chansons sont:
Some books to buy with song lyrics are:

Yé Yaille Chère-Traditional Cajun Dance Music par Raymond E. Francois (247 chansons) [247 songs]

Cajun Music: A Reflection of A People. Volume 1. par Ann Allen Savoy (106 chansons) [106 songs]


Cajun Music: Its Origins and Development par Barry Jean Ancelet
(Je connais pas combien de chansons sont là-dedans.)
[I don't know how many songs are in there.]

Excellent additional sources!

Excellent additional sources!

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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