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Moise Robin

Moise Robin

He was 17 years old when he accompanied fiddler Leo Soileau to Richmond, Indiana, to record some classic songs for Paramount.

We're actually talking these days about selling by the song. 1929 seems to me to have been more progressive. A time when you at least got two songs on a 78.

The sound recording is from Gerard Dole in France, one of Cajun music's greatest ambassador's abroad. The music and lyrics are traditional or original to Moise Robin himself.

Les Poules Pends Pas. Sois Honnete avec Moi. Two steps, waltzes, and slow drags. How many of us know slow drags? This is biographical, ballad type music from a different time.

Not your latest dancehall music from the last 50 years. But I hope you can do something with these songs.

Re: Moise Robin

Great! Thank you, neal

Re: Moise Robin

Thanks Neal-- what a great way to start my Saturday!!


Re: Moise Robin

Yes, that’s great stuff for a band. If the other usual instruments, plus a good singer, were added to them that would make great songs. Because there are some really catchy tunes and beautiful melancholy waltzes on this recording.


Re: Re: Moise Robin

Thanks for appreciating these recordings
Moise would have have been so happy to know that you enjoy his songs
He was forgotten by all when I first met him
A great old gentleman, indeed, and what a huge talent for making songs and singing them !

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