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To Jude

Hi Jude. I was wondering if you could help. I'm trying to find straps that shut a hohner 10 button accordion. I just totally repainted an old G Hohner that has rotten straps (just the ones that close it)

You wouldn't happen to have any lying around would you? They don't have to be in perfect condition.



Re: To Jude

You would talking about the "bellow straps" ? No I don't have any on hand. You know, there is a Hohnor distributor in New Your which sell ALL of those diverese Hohnor accordion parts. I did at one time, many years ago, do business with them. I dodn't have their contact info any more but, you might find some info on the net. The man I did deal with there was Rick Eping.

Re: Re: To Jude

Hohner is in Virginia I believe

Rick Epping retired to Ireland.


Re: To Jude

Jim P
I'm not trying to cut infront of Jude,,or anyone else
but,,if it's the old hohner bellow straps,,i'v
got a set or two,laying around. Jude's the
accordion builder,,i just do minor repairs on
them,,headache,building the puppies.Hope Jude don't
mind.. Let me know,and i';; send you a set.
Later Elzie

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