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Wayne Toups Newest CD

Have any of you heard Wayne Toups newest CD "Reflections of the Past." I think it is great. I have several of his older CD's that I like but never really wanted to learn to play accordion by listening to those. I liked his style of playing but I knew it wasn't how I wanted to learn. I have always like to learn from the more traditional style of cajun music. The new cd is the more traditional style of music and you won't hear any of the old Wayne Toups "licks" in the songs. Anyway, if you havent heard it, you definetly need to go out and get you a copy.

Re: Wayne Toups Newest CD

awesome thanks ..didnt even know it was out...alot of traditionalist can say what they want about wayne toups and his style of playing but the guy has single handly brought cajun music back to the younger generation of cajuns that had absolutely no interest in it...i listened to french music all my life and as a teenager i would cringe everytime it was played in my house but when toups came out it opened my eyes to zydeco and cajun music and the language i never took the time to learn..so i guess what you could say is if it wasnt for wayne toups i wouldnt be wanting to learn traditional accordion music.

Re: Re: Wayne Toups Newest CD

here's a link to the cmt.com site with samples of all the songs on it


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