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Re: boozoo's "crying waltz"

i think he says it;s a baisse bas

which emphasizes the 1 / down beat a lot more
than a waltz

it;s both louder and held longer than
an even division would do

he may boozoo it up too with irregular
beats at random times, though i don;t think
so on that particular one

words, not sure


Crying Waltz meter and lyrics...

Hey Larry and others,

The rhythm of this tune blows my mind. I am figuring out how to bass chord it, but it isn't coming as easy as a standard waltz.

It does sound cool with the bass chord. Do you think boozoo bass/chord'ed the tune when it was recorded?

I can't quite tell from the recordings how much Boozoo used the bass side overall. It doesn't seem to pick up as much, probably with the mike over the treble reeds.

I like using the bass side alot in zydeco, but not straight up. I like changing up the bass side, usually using the top chord button more.

Still need to at least get one verse to start with!
David Sousa is pretty good at figuring out lyrics.

Re: boozoo's "crying waltz"

The lyrics to that one are tough to get a handle on. A while ago I tried and didn't get too far. But, the music is basically identical to "Les Barres de la Prison", as recorded by Canray Fontenot, and others. Chris and Sean Ardoin did a nice zydeco version of it, with an accordion part that is very, very similar to what Boozoo does. I suggest you use "Le Barres de la Prison". If you don't have the lyrics for it, let me know and I will post them. I sing this song at nearly every gig!

As to the rhythm, it is all solid 3/4, except for the fact that Boozoo jumps time now and then. It is just Boozoo's idiosyncratic way of playing that makes it sound crooked. It is a tribute to his band how seamlessly they covered for him. Just play it straight 3/4 and it will be fine.


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