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Cajun bands in sulphur la

hey everyone hope all is well with your thanksgivings. Mine was ok ate too much though but thats besides the point. I play accordian, fiddle, bass guitar, and rythm guitar. I was wondering if there were any cajun bands in the sulphur, vinton, or lake charles area that may need a hand as far as an accordian player or bass or fiddle or rythm guitar. Email me back or just leave a reply on here.

Re: Cajun bands in sulphur la

Who are you, and how long you been playing?

Re: Re: Cajun bands in sulphur la

I am aaron chesson and next year will be ten years i have been playing the accordian

Re: Re: Re: Cajun bands in sulphur la

Welcome, AAron,

Are you young Aaron of the Texas "Triangle Ramblers" Cajun band?.


yes this is i

yes it is me of the triangle ramblers, you found me! Well unfortunently the band that i formed was disbanded years ago. I didnt think anyone even heard of the triangle ramblers that was so many years ago , well at least it was for me. So, anyone out there play bass guitar in cajun music?Elzie mathews and i have formed a new band recently though.

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