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Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)

Can anyone shed light on what this is on Ebay.

Described as a 7-8 year old Regal. The seller says it was purchased in Louisiana and obviously knows about accordions.

I have downloaded the pic and brightened it and it looks a bit like a hohner to me.

Anybody seen/played one. I wouldn't be interested except it's an 'F'.

Re: Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)

Go to www.larkinthemorning.com, and I believe you'll be looking at the same accordion (they sell it for $790.) I played this one at their store when I was looking, and I would place it in between the Hohner and a Gabannelli.
I also played a Weltmeister, which seemed to be the same box as the Regal. I would also say that it doesn't make the level of a professional accordion, whereas the Gab does, which shows up occassionally on Ebay for $695.

Re: Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)

Thanks for the info.

Subsequent to posting I found a Regal on Elderley Instruments website. Though discontinued it was priced at about $600 when sold.

It is described as a Germany instrument adjusted by Marc Savoy. This rang a bell. I remember Marc saying he was advising a German company when I bought my Acadian in the early 90's. I wonder if this was the end product?

Re: Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)

Phil...I have a 'C' REGAL on EBAY at the moment that also came from Savoy Music - about 10 years ago. At that time, Marc indicated that he had a hand in the setup...being new to the accordion, I didn't press him for details of 'setup'...I would report that the REGAL I got from him is a very serviceable beginning to mid-intermediate instrument that works just fine...although I agree that it is several jumps away from a Louisiana made accordion...should you buy a REGAL, I think you'll be quite satisfied for the price...

Re: Re: Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)


Regal's are very decent factory-made boxes. My first accordion was a Regal which I purchased from Larry Miller.

All in all it's a great student model, vastly superior to the Hohner, but several steps below a hand made. I still have mine and I occasionally play it just for fun...plus I don't have to worry about knocking it around too much.

F would be a bit high for my tastes, but it could still be fun to try out. From what I can tell, the buttons have been changed (improved) on that model. Also, I don't recall ever seeing one with crawfish bellows (as far as I know, this a trademark registered by Junior Martin).

Nick B.

Re: Re: Re: Accordion in 'F' on Ebay (UK)

Thanks for all the info.

It was the bellows that really threw me. If the price is right it could be an interesting way to try out an 'F'.

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