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DORIAN accordion

Anyone have info. about a DORIAN accordion? Where made? By whom? Quality?

Re: DORIAN accordion

House rules -

You may only mention the following accordions:
Bon Cajun
Le Capitaine
or some other Louisiana built accordion.

Possible entries could be Regal or Monarch.

You may only mention the Arriette with derision. Same for Cobalt River, Excelsior or Weltmeister.

If you follow this basic rule, people will talk to you. Otherwise, people will talk about you and at you. Hope this helps.

Re: DORIAN accordion

Hey coachpk - let me offer you a bit of better advice

House rules -

You may only mention the following accordions if you're an insufferable pretentious ******

Bon Cajun
Le Capitaine

If you follow this basic rule, people will wonder who invited you to the party, when will you'll stop the endless blathering about how Hawaiian warriors cut the Koa wood for your accordion with golden machetes, and when you'll finally pack the friggin' thing back up and leave before the party dies completely. Otherwise, most good, fun people will say "Sit down, get out that box, whatever the hell it is, and play a tune for us. In fact, why don't you take the seat of that pompous fart bag with expensive accordion who was just leaving".

Grumpy's email

Looks like Grumpy left his email address on his last post:

People should feel free to drop him a line and let him know how "civilized" they thought his post was.

Re: Grumpy's email

A quick web search says that that email belongs to Scott Parks. Isn't that the fella trying to unload that overpriced box?

No wonder he's grumpy. He also doesn't understand things like smiley faces.

Re: DORIAN accordion

My mad charade has been exposed. Yes, 'tis I, Scott Parks, writer of snotty postings and seller of mid-priced imported accordions on Ebay (currently available and it makes a great Christmas gift). Alas, by your tone, gents, I'll presume you will not be buying said accordion. I'll admit, my rant was a tad immature, possibly quite immature. Kudos for not retaliating in kind. You've exposed my as a scamp, touche!. In reality, I am but a common, crude, Cajun accordion lover. I love my accordions, all of them: From the expensive (name-withheld) and (name-withheld), to my beat up (name-withheld), my amazingly durable (name-withheld) and my toy (name-withheld).
Indeed, my rant could be taken as boorish and sarcastic, but admit it, the inclusion of the word "fart" added a certain flair. Regardless, I read Dwight's advice as somewhat haughty and not so smiley-facey. As my credibility as an accordion lover and seller (hurry, see Ebay now for a great accordion deal!) tarnishes, I must move on and address the initial question:

dear coachpk -

Since you were the original poster, a fact now lost in this purile posting, I'll assume that you might be interested in a possible purchase of a Dorian accordion. If not, don't waste any further time with this. Have a great holiday season.

I must admit to being a reformed handmade accordion-snob. Now, I'm just a mid-priced accordion snob. I was among the many that could only appreciate the elite accordions. I was guilty of the belief that a $1500 accordion would make me a better player. I do own a couple very nice boxes, and a few fit only for commoners. My ability on each is the same: primitive. I spent a large sum of money on beautiful instruments, but eventually, economics and supporting a family forced me to become familiar with the world of imported accordions, none hand-built. There are still some pieces of junk out there (certainly not the soon-to-be boycotted little gem I'm offering on Ebay this week, perfect for the holiday season), but unless you want a show piece to impress the folks in this forum, I suggest you persue the Dorian (if you have the means to evaluate it personally), and make a decision about it based on the box itself. If you like, get it. Whether a box is a Dorian, or Hohner, or King, if it's cool by you, then it's a great accordion.

Enough of that. I shall accept my scolding and forever post no more. So, I must bid adeiu, players of the Cajun box: Surely the best music making device ever invented.

I'd like to thank Thersauras.com for their extensive help.

PS - Now that you know my identity, you can also ascertain my address buy purchasing that lovely little german box currently on Ebay, perfect for the holiday season.

Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

My comments were a summation of the type of jibing and jabbing we do to each other on this list all the time.

Most good natured, some cranky, mostly based on personal experience from trying to learn to play on cheaper boxes. Some swear by them, some just swear.

Since, it seems, you're first foray here was to try to sell something that folks felt was inferior to its price, and not as a contributor to the ongoing discussions about the music and learning to play, you were fair game.

If you've posted before, then, my mistake.

Does your box have mitered corners?

Re: Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

"Since, it seems, your first foray here was to try to sell something that folks felt was inferior to its price, and not as a contributor to the ongoing discussions about the music and learning to play, you were fair game."

Well, Dwight, here is how it ACTUALLY HAPPENED:
I read about an accordion for sale that was labled "Dorian". I did a Google search and the only hit was a posting to this forum made in 5/05. So I posted to that link in an attempt to learn more about this instrument. I WAS NEVER TRYING TO SELL ANYTHING, of course, because I was not the owner.

I was not aware of the "Rules" of the forum at the time. So settle down, guys, LITTLE mistakes happen. Let's just let it go now, OK?

Re: Re: Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

I was addressing that comment to Scott, not you.

You were simply asking a question. Now I see that I got my subjects mixed up in the middle of my post.

Sorry for my confusion.

You did not get your panties in a twist like Scott did though. That was where I was directing that.

My comments about house rules were tongue in cheek. Its perfectly ok to ask questions like that here. Well, in my opinion anyway. I don't run the board.

What I was doing was just an "insider" poking a bit of fun at a new person. You passed the "test", even if it was to just ignore my comments (a wise action in most instances).

Welcome to the board, for what its worth.


Re: DORIAN accordion

Although I said I wouldn't post any more, let me finally cap this whole thing off:

I take no offense at all, I was just doing a little poking and proding myself
Hey Dwight: ooops, wrong target, sorry. I now can appreciate your original posting. Of course, you're more of an instigator than I am, though I do tend to take longer to get to the point.

Coachpk - I think Dwight was talking about me, not you, when he mentioned selling. I think we all understood you to be inquiring, purchasing or not, about the Dorian.

Okay, everyone take a calming breath, a sip of a holiday cocktail, and lets all go to our happy places. Try to have a some fun.

There. Now I'm really, really done.

Re: Re: DORIAN accordion

Friends? (that's the closest icon I could find to a handshake).

Re: DORIAN accordion

Panties untwisted

Jambalaya Boogie

LOL. Its amazing what some holiday libation will do to your undergarments.

I can't find mine.

In a change of subject, while its on my mind, I want to direct people's attention to an interesting track I have on a cd I have (Bayou Rockabilly Cats, published by ACE). Yves knows about this one.

Track 3 is "Jambalaya Boogie", by Eddie Shuler and his band (forgot the name). Its sung in French, with pretty much the same melody line as "French Rocking Boogie" by Shirley Bergeron.

Its a swing tune, but dancers might like it.

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