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This has been a busy Fall season (remodeling).
Through all the to-do's with this inside re-doing, came a new music room for me to slip away and enjoy to the fullest. Took one of the three bd. rooms on the otherside of the house and converted it to a victorian music room... Now this room may be decked out as Victorian, but the music is French for sure. The accordions set well with this change .

A while back I had my "C" box (the black & blonde)gone over by Jude Moreau. Now this change came as a result of hearing Blair's new accordion ( a few months back) which Jude had built been commissioned to build for her. When I played on that new accordion of hers, I was just blown away by the sound and the feel. So, I am pleased to say that me having Jude make some modifications and changes to my favorite C box was the best thing I could have ever done... the action is a dream and the sound is over the top with that slight wet tune... the Antonelli reeds are crisp and very responsive, they house a nice ring. Jude I can't thank you enough for the magic of your craftsmanship with this great make over.. The finger board was re-worked, shaved down on the buttons for a lower riding fast smooth response... the springs were loosened up so that I dont have to feel like I am going through some sort of Jack LaLane finger work out, or some such thing. How many can remember Jack and his dog Pal??? Finally, the bellows have finally come around to loosening up (it took four years on this accordion... go figure).

I am spying the thought of Balfa Camp come April... would be a good get-away for some good music, eats, visitig and naturally some good instruction.

At last, December will take us to Texas to spend the Holidays with the Kids and our Grand Children... Back to California and come January, I will be yapping with Isleton to put that gig back together again.. If this happens to work out, it will be a wish come true and bring a huge family of musicians home to the left side doing it right... your good thoughts on that are appreciated. Later Braves.

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